Geometric Tattoos

Geometric art relies on precision and straight lines—the type of work that’s typically done with a ruler. So, when it comes to tattoos, it’s a bold stylistic choice. After all, the softness of skin and an ever-moving canvas are the opposite of exactness. This fact makes Corey Divine’s mesmerizing body art all the more impressive. Using the same elements as in geometric drawings, he translates these complex designs onto the skin. But rather than looking wonky or muddled, the geometric tattoos are meticulously crafted with clean lines and shapes.

Divine specializes in blackwork tattoos, and you’ll rarely see color in his body art. Instead, he focuses on mandala-inspired pieces. Using strong outlines, solid shading, and countless tiny dots (also known as dotwork), he often creates a floral shape that radiates and blooms across the skin. The mandala symbol dates back to ancient times, but here, Divine makes it modern with his addition of repeating angular shapes that expand and contract as the body moves.

via My Modern Met

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