Dreamy Animal Tattoos

At Caffeine Tattoo, a talented team of artists creates body art out of your wildest dreams. The Polish parlor’s portfolio showcases an eclectic and distinctive collection of works, from black-and-white realist representations of photographs to stylized Pop Art portraits. Aga Yadou, one of Caffeine Tattoo’s top experts in ink, has found her niche in nature, creating awe-inspiring, watercolor-esque drawings of animals.

Though tattoos are generally associated with bold, black outlines and deep pigments, watercolor body art challenges this traditional aesthetic. Using free-form patches of blended color, subtle shifts in shading, and quick, wispy lines, tattoo artists capture the craft’s fanciful aesthetic and characteristic translucence. Yadou works exclusively in this manner, creating delicate designs that appear to have leapt straight off the canvas and onto her clients’ skin.

While the Warsaw-based artist dabbles in floral tattoos, she predominantly produces imaginative renderings of animals. Using a pastel palette, she turns typical tattoo subject matter into one-of-a-kind works of art. While some of her pieces feature only an animal, others include flowers, abstract designs, and even people. Some—like her slumbering red fox—are realistic in color, while others—like her whimsical wolf portrait—are kaleidoscopic and composed of a rainbow range of tones. Yadou also often inventively includes a “dripping paint” motif, further emphasizing her hand-painted inspiration and making each work even more unique.

With her sketchy style and skilled craftsmanship, it is not surprising that Yadou’s creative background is in painting and illustration. While her Instagram is full of images of inked skin, she also often posts flora-and-fauna-inspired works on paper.

via My Modern Met

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