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Amy Nicoletto

I was born and raised in Southern New Jersey – ‘Joisey’ to my fellow statesmen. I’m an Aquarius, and that’s all I’m gonna tell ya… you don’t get my age! Whilst I’m known around the world as a tattooist, I’m happy to say that my journey has been wacky, wild and varied. From guest services at major resorts, to working for a major cosmetics chain, and I even spent time in the medical field. Yes, that’s right – I’ve been a medical assistant too… which surprises a lot of people, but comes in handy when I get clients who are a little scared in the tattooist’s chair.

My passion for art manifested as a youth in school, I liked to doodle and draw during lectures, keeping my “left brain” happy. I have always loved art and design. That need to scratch my creative itch never left me, and I eventually bit the bullet and entered into a 2-year tattoo apprenticeship. It was hard work, but I gained a lot of experience and met a ton of wonderful people, probably the best part of the job. But funny how the universe works – you follow your path of least resistance and something good will come of it.

I love what I do!  

My career really took off when I picked up and moved to Los Angeles in 2008 and landed a spot tattooing with Craig Jackman at his highly-regarded American Electric Tattoo studio on Sunset Blvd. After only being there for a short time, a casting person came into the shop and asked if anyone would be interested in auditioning for a new tattoo reality show in West Hollywood. I jumped at the chance. I went down to TLC and got the part on LA Ink! Wow, all of a sudden I’m on one of the top-rated tattoo shows in the world. I was so scared the first day of shooting because I didn’t know what to expect. Reality TV is very unique – no scripts – just dialog and all that sniping to induce drama. But the cast and crew were great and made the transition easy. I’m glad the show is in the hearts and minds of my fans around the world. And I gotta tell you, I really don’t mind the notoriety, nor do I mind anyone asking me for an autograph, a handshake or a hug! 

This opportunity has led to many other TV appearances, guest spots at tattoo conventions around the globe, as well as being a two-time cover star of the internationally renowned Rebel Ink magazine. What more can I say, it’s been a trip, which continues on and just gets better every year, and none more so than this year. In 2017 I will be opening my first-ever shop, Order Of The Sacred Crow, in my old stomping ground of Woodbury, New Jersey. It has been a dream of mine to own my own spot for many years, and it’s not just a traditional tattoo shop, but it also embraces my love of art and will also be an Art Gallery.

I can’t wait to share it all with you.

- Amy Nicoletto


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